Guest Blogging

Welcome to Guest Blogging on YWWSCRIBE!

Hi, would you like to be a contributor to this blog? This simply means you send me an article and I post it on this blog as an article written by you.

It may be once in a while or regularly…we’ll see.

If your answer is YES, kindly follow the rules below and I hope you have a wonderful time being my guest!

Guest Blogging Rules

1. The article should be relevant to this blog – about freelance writing as a career.

2. The article should be 400 to 600 words.

3. Email the article to with the subject line “ywwscribe guestpost.”

4. Send the article as a Word or PDF attachment only. Articles sent in any other format will be rejected. Include your full names, email address and website or blog at the top of the document for ease of reference.

5. As much as I will edit all articles before posting, please try to make it as free of spelling and grammatical errors as possible. For me, this goes to show your commitment to quality.

6. Please take note that I cannot guarantee that all guest posts will be published. Some may take long to be published due to relevance at the time of submission, e.g. I may be focusing on a particular aspect of freelance writing that your article may not flow with. However, if I accept your article for publishing I will let you know within a week by email. I will also send you a notification on the day it is published.

Thanking you in advance for your contribution to the growth of this blog!

God bless.

Edna R. Aluoch

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