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listen to me

I will not bend, I will not break,

I will not stop until am done

I will not fail to make you listen to the sound of my utter plea

I will not fear, I will not quake,

I will not despair until I become

A song that lingers in the ears

A rhyme that never knows to stop

A tune too loud to ignore

An echo that fills your precious space…

Until you realize that I am a woman

With feelings and needs, with aspirations and dreams

Until you say “yes” to the inclusion of my kind

In every little and big part of life on this earth.

The Simplest Things of Life

Life is sweet, life is fun

Life is full of great new dreams

Life is fresh, life is good

Life’s not tampering with my mood


I can see, I can breath,

I can live life to the full.


I can talk, I can walk

I can swing my arms around.


I can dance, I can jump

I can play the games I like.


I can pray – everyday!

I can sing on many notes.
‘Tis a great thing to be blessed

With the simplest things of life

These are rarely boasted about

But are vital things to enjoy.

So the next time you are low

Fight that feeling with these thoughts

And be thankful for the simple things of life.

How I Write

I write my words with silent awe

Breaking out of my quiet zone

Amid clustered, worrying thoughts

That tend to block the writing flow

I persist without pen or paper

Choosing carefully;

Erasing some and adding some

Till satisfied that they feel right and sound right


I write with care for the one who will read

We’re a little connected through this thread of words

We like to read and ponder text

And sometimes recite aloud to another who will listen

We don’t get tired or bored or sad

We just keep moving when we see no end


Life for us is made up of words

Not the whole of it, really

But a good bit of it

So whenever I write, it has to feel right

So that when you read, you will know what I feel.

I Must Write

I write as I must
I write because I must write
I cannot wait till tomorrow – will be too late

Tender shoots springing up cannot be ignored
The strains of words I hear must grow louder
Till the notes and poems are brought to life

I cling to new indelible thoughts
I hold fast passing waves of notions
I prod the swollen stream of ideas
That burst open soon as I will to write

The shores of my intellect teem
With graceful curvature of verse upon verse,
Totally free and green
Decked with wonderful inspiration;
Comforting and uplifting.

I therefore must write, if not for myself,
To produce new thoughts as fresh fruits of a tree;
Then at least to complement the voices of other writers
Welling up in this wide ocean of creative writing.

Poetry for a change!

Sometimes it’s good to try a different kind of writing from what you do everyday, just for variety’s sake. Try doing this once in a while, especially those times when your writing juices are ‘low’. You might be surprised what you can pull off spontaneously!

For me, poetry is a road I often turn into whenever I feel dry and empty… it frequently gives me fresh perspective and renewed energy for my writing tasks. I hope you enjoy this one!

A Couple of Valentines:
Valentine, Valentine!
Oh my Valentine, where are you?

I am here, dear Valentine
Waiting earnestly, for you to come

Valentine, my true love, sweet as refined sugar
Meet me for a moment that will never be forgotten
I have bought you chocolate, honey and berries

Yes! I will meet you whenever you please, Valentine
For today I cannot think at all, save for memories of you
Holding carefully my hand
Looking down into my eyes
Shading sunlight from my brow
Whispering words that warm my heart
Oh Valentine, I know not what to do when you are away!

Beautiful Valentine, golden ring around my finger
Stay where you are, I’ll come and pick you right away
My pulse beats strangely different
And sweaty palms cannot be of use here
My thoughts leave me in a daze
Coz it’s time to see you again
Just like when I first met you and the wind went out of my lungs!

Valentine, Valentine!
Yes my Valentine? Am right here!

(Curtains close!)

Night Writer

I write often in the night (my juices seem to flow better then) and really enjoy the quietness that gives me a chance to ponder words, phrases and meaning without interruption. Here is a piece I got at such a time. Enjoy!

I write in the strange hours of night
When sleep eludes my poor eyelids
And dreams disturb my sleepless mind
Rummaging the box of my sub-conscious side

I wake up steeped with heavy thoughts
Of what to write and what to scribe
Hunger knots my stomach, though
But still I push myself to write

I scribble words and launch half sentence
Scurrying through my conscious side
“I’m now alert enough,” I think
To pen a word afore I sleep.