10 Blogs That Offer Valuable Tips For The Freelance Writer

How good are you at doing online research? Do you find it boring, tiresome, too much work, or do you enjoy the thrill of going through countless web pages to find the right information? Looking for relevant information is no mean fit for the average person, however well-versed with the internet; there’s so much out there! Besides, not everything you find is valuable or even relevant to your task.

As a writer, I bet research is one of the tools you frequently use to come up with good articles, right? You have to find out what has already been written in order to write what’s relevant and unique, right? However, because of the sheer volume of information on the net, you often have to filter it out to get what’s really useful to the task at hand. Doing that takes quite a bit of time that is not always there. That is why I thought of doing something for you, my dear writer, to make your life easier!

When I started freelance writing in 2010 and launched my first blog, I quickly realized that I needed to get the latest news on blogging. I needed to find out who else was out there, what they were doing, why was it working for them, etc. I did not know where to start but made up my mind to scour the net every day until I got all the data needed. This took me a few months until I bumped into a single blog that provided me with the most valuable information to date for my blogging work. Naturally, it’s the first one on the list below. Wasn’t I glad to rest from all the weary work!

Today, I offer you these ten blogs that I believe can save you a lot of trouble searching for the right information, especially if you are just starting out as a blogger. They are not in order of preference or quality or anything like that; all of them are valuable in their own right. Check them out to see if I am right and if you like what they offer, go ahead and subscribe to their RSS feeds so that you are always up to date. Well, here they are:

1. youngprepro.com

2. freelanceswitch.com

3. aboutfreelancewriting.com

4. problogger.com

5. thinktraffic.net

6. successfulblogging.com

7. basicblogtips.com

8. menwithpens.ca

9. thecreativepenn.com

10. dailyblogtips.com

All the best as a writer,



6 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Edna,

    Honored to be on this list and so glad my blogging tips are proving useful to you:) I love Kenya, I visited about 20 years ago and have been dreaming of getting back there ever since. One day it will happen:)


  2. […] 10 Blogs That Offer Valuable Tips For The Freelance Writer(ywwscribe.wordpress.com) Tags: Freelancer, tips, Wired, writing Get The Freelance Strategist By Mail […]


  3. Good list. I’m going to check them out.


  4. You are welcome! I also think you have a great blog going and would like to contribute sometime soon. Nice to meet you too, virtually, of course!


  5. Hi Edna– Thanks for stopping by my blog…wanted to come by and see what you were doing. This is a good collection of blogging blogs, and you have lots of good information here on your blog also. Nice to virtually meet you– I hope your week has started well and productively!


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