Poetry for a change!

Sometimes it’s good to try a different kind of writing from what you do everyday, just for variety’s sake. Try doing this once in a while, especially those times when your writing juices are ‘low’. You might be surprised what you can pull off spontaneously!

For me, poetry is a road I often turn into whenever I feel dry and empty… it frequently gives me fresh perspective and renewed energy for my writing tasks. I hope you enjoy this one!

A Couple of Valentines:
Valentine, Valentine!
Oh my Valentine, where are you?

I am here, dear Valentine
Waiting earnestly, for you to come

Valentine, my true love, sweet as refined sugar
Meet me for a moment that will never be forgotten
I have bought you chocolate, honey and berries

Yes! I will meet you whenever you please, Valentine
For today I cannot think at all, save for memories of you
Holding carefully my hand
Looking down into my eyes
Shading sunlight from my brow
Whispering words that warm my heart
Oh Valentine, I know not what to do when you are away!

Beautiful Valentine, golden ring around my finger
Stay where you are, I’ll come and pick you right away
My pulse beats strangely different
And sweaty palms cannot be of use here
My thoughts leave me in a daze
Coz it’s time to see you again
Just like when I first met you and the wind went out of my lungs!

Valentine, Valentine!
Yes my Valentine? Am right here!

(Curtains close!)

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