Reading Writer

How does reading help your writing? Well, here’s how:

(a) Improves your stock of vocabulary and richness of expression: Although the use of big words in writing other than for academic purposes is not usually encouraged (simple language tends to be more favorable for the average reader), knowing a few additional words and how to use them may just provide that extra punch to your writing. The idea is not really to borrow other people’s expressions, but to open your eyes to new possibilities and more creativity.

(b) Inspiration: One man’s verse could be another man’s chapter or paragraph. Some of the best poems I have written were inspired by reading the works of other poets. Don’t ever be deceived that your writing talent is the best; there are other writers out there who have the very gems you are looking for to beautify your own writing. Sometimes a poem can be the inspiration for a short story, or a short story can inspire the script for a film. Inspiration is a valuable asset that every writer needs to have, especially in creative writing.

(c) Creativity: Reading widely unlocks ideas that you may not even have been aware of. As you read, new thoughts are being processed in your mind and while some are immediately discarded, others are unconsciously filed away in your memory. These come in handy when you sit down to write your own works. Creativity is the other major asset that writers must have, so don’t be averse to reading on different subjects even if it is something unrelated to your own writing field. You never know where your next new idea might spring from!

(d) Improves thinking capacity: Do you know that thinking is a vital part of the writing process? It seems such a simple thing, but many writers just starting out tend to miss the connection. If you do not like doing a lot of thinking then you are not likely to become a good writer. Thinking is an ability that is developed over your lifetime, but its depth of development can be increased with regular reading of different literature, including magazines, newspapers, and journals.


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