Better Writer

Good writers are numerous and easy to find. They are often found working very hard, mostly overtime, to produce documents, stories, news items, posts, blogs, and various other works. They invest a lot of time and other resources to be as productive as possible and earn a decent living.

However, when one starts out to be a writer the aim should not be to just remain good. I believe that progress in any field makes sense out of what we are doing, rather than just maintaining status quo day in day out. What we have conquered today is great victory but may not be relevant any more in tomorrow’s battle. We must always aim higher.

One of the key ingredients for becoming a better writer is to develop a habit of reading often. Reading is a culture that most people find hard to adopt, especially with the busy lifestyles that leave very little room for leisure activities. However, if you really want to become a good writer in any field, reading must become your companion in life.

Try to read other people’s works, especially well-known writers in your field of writing, and set this as a personal goal. For instance, you could make it your goal to read at least one book every month, and then find a way of monitoring yourself to ensure you are actually doing it. Remember that starting a new habit is never easy, so talk to a friend or family member to ask you every once in a while whether you are doing this.


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