Hello world!

Its nice to be here doing what I absolutely enjoy – writing! Come rain, sunshine, hard times, laughter or sadness, writing is the one thing that makes sense and gives me a chance to straighten out my thoughts and feelings.

Here is a piece of what I think about writing. It may make sense to you or not; or it may prompt you to pursue your own writing. Whatever the case, know that this is an awesome tool of expression that God gave mankind:

I write as I must

I write because I must write

I cannot wait till tomorrow – will be too late

Tender shoots springing up cannot be ignored

The strains of words I hear must grow louder

Till the notes and poems are brought to life

I cling to new indelible thoughts

I hold fast passing waves of notions

I prod the swollen stream of ideas

That burst open soon as I will to write

The shores of my intellect teem

With graceful curvature of verse upon verse,

Totally free and green

Decked with wonderful inspiration;

Comforting and uplifting.

I therefore must write, if not for myself,

to produce new thoughts as fresh fruits of a tree;

then at least to complement the voices of other writers

welling up in this wide ocean of creative writing.


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